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A Blockchain economy is the production, distribution, trade, and consumption of goods and services by different truth agents.

How to start:

Blockchain : The Trust Machine

Helping integrate people into the blockchain economy.

Greetings and welcome to the blockchain economy. Please download the free PDF and read it carefully. Please make the time to watch all the suggested video and take notes. 

The free document will teach you how to buy and sell blockchain/crypto currencies. 

There are also recommended wallets to help you get started. 

There are also helpful and recommended websites to help you get integrated into the blockchain economy. 

Learn how to check your transactions on the blockchain ledger with blockchain websites found in the PDF. 

In the PDF document are companies exposed to blockchain technology that are publicly traded in the legacy economy. 

Towards the end are Youtube channels that are following the space really well. These are great resources to bring you up to speed and help you keep up with this rapid changing space. The publishers are individuals who have been successfully leading their subscribers for a number of years.

Next is recommended reading. Its very important to educate yourself on the space if your going to put your hard earned money into it. Buy books and take the time to understand this new technology. 

A small section on terms is provided to give some clarity in your education. 

Conclusion of the PDF is our support page. If you feel that you have been benefited please pass this along to your friends and family, and consider supporting us. 

Welcome to the future, welcome to decentralized freedom, welcome to the blockchain!

Businesses Integration


Merchants who accept certain cryptocurrencies pay smaller processing fees than they do for credit cards. They don’t need to buy specialized hardware to process blockchain transactions either.

You can already use bitcoin to purchase content from Microsoft, Overstock.com, one of the world’s largest online retailers, Re/Max (real estate company) and Uber. You can even buy a brand new Tesla with blockchain.

Take the first step to getting your business transitioned to accept blockchain transactions. 

You can also set up your payrole, loans and finance, factor invoicing and moment to moment transactions. 

As the blockchain ecosystem grows your inventory, energy usage and everything that requires a third party will be serving you via the blockchain. 

Contact us to get your company started today.

Personal Integration


Are you ready to begin your transition into the blockchain economy? Start with our fee starter guide. Take the time to read it carefully and watch all the video references.

Come out for a meet up or class. Find out what this emerging new world has to offer you and make your place in the blockchain economy. 

Want to learn how to start transacting with your cryptos? Want to get cash without triggering a tax event?  Want to know what products pay rents on their tokens for income? Learn about rare collector cryptos adorned by the legacy economy.

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Download our starter guide for reference to help you get started.

Blockchain Starter guide (pdf)





Providing direction for individuals to enter and fully integrate into the many facets of blockchain technology. From familiarizing yourself with exchanges to setting up wallets. Learn to be your own bank and take control of your destiny.


Helping your business get integrated into blockchain technology to better serve your needs and customers. Start receiving payments in crypto currencies, use blockchain technology for payroll and so much more. 


Are you a business or individual? Reach out to us for a consultation to get yourself or your business integrated into this new and disruptive technology. 


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Feel free to reach out to us with questions,  but please attempt to internet search on your own first. 

Recommended search engine : www.duckduckgo.com

The Blockchain Economy


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